My Cousin Cinny's

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My Cousin Cinny's


A unique sugar cookie rolled up with a buttery brown sugar cinnamon filling, and topped with a freshly made cream cheese frosting. Not only an absolute hit at the dessert table, but these are also the perfect choice for a brunch bar or an open house set up! Pro-Tip: Eat your left-overs with some freshly brewed coffee and TREAT YOURSELF.

Ralph MUNCHio on these before your biological clock runs out! You can even eat them IN DA SHOWAH!

If you're craving a cinnamon roll, we promise these cookies taste I-DENTICAL! Just ask Mona Lisa Eat-o for her expert testimony.

I. ate. the cookie? I. ate. the cookie?

Baked by the 2 Baked YOUTHS.

We got the recipe from the same guy who sold Jack his magic beans.

(Priced per dozen)

CATERING FAQ: Original My Cousin Cinny’s are included in our Gourmet Catering Menu. When ordered by the dozen AND when ordered for a catered event, these are the same size (about 2.5 in). A very small “mini” size is available upon request at checkout, you will get about 4 dozen per order and they will be about (.5 inches).

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Ingredients: Flour, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Sour Cream, Eggs, Unsalted Butter, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Vanilla