Salted CaraMal Reynolds Bars

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Salted CaraMal Reynolds Bars


Caramel lovers you’ve come to the right place! A soft AND crunch oat crust, filled with freshly made caramel and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Obviously sea salt in the caramel and sprinkled on top is a given!

Taste my love, taste my land, take me to the baker stand......I don't care I'll still eat, you can't take these bars from me.

闪亮! These browncoats aim to misbehave. 

Hide these from the Alliance and keep a low profile. You understand. 

(priced per dozen)

CATERING FAQ: Original Salted CaraMal Reynolds Bars are included in our Gourmet Menu. When ordered by the dozen, they are large (3-4 sq in), when catered, they are cut into smaller (1-2 sq in) pieces.

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Ingredients: Oats, Unsalted Butter, Flour, Baking Powder, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Sugar