That Thing You SnickerDoodle

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That Thing You SnickerDoodle


Think of these like a Snickerdoodle cookie in brownie-form. A Cinnamon Sugar “Blondie” if you will. A soft and cakey cinnamon sugar center with a slightly thinly-crisped cinnamon sugar top. These are the ULTIMATE brunch dessert, and once again, you’ll want a cup of coffee with these fellas.

They're ONE-DERful. You guys look great in Cinnamon Sugar have I told you that yet? 

That's the thing...we're not the baker's right now... We're Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. 

Your dentist will fall in love with YOU if you bring him some of these - but hey we make no guarantees. 

We've found that a hit record is like a snickerdoodle. Alllll the ingredients have to come together just right. Otherwise, it's just DOO.

HEY TABLE 19, your doodles are ready. 

(priced per dozen)

CATERING FAQ: Original That Thing You SnickerDoodle Bars are included in our Gourmet Menu. When ordered by the dozen, they are large (3-4 sq in), when catered, they are cut into smaller (1-2 sq in) pieces.

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Ingredients: Unsalted Butter, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Salt, Flour, Baking Powder